How to eradicate Hariali (Cynidon dactylon) in the fields

It is very notorius perennial weed. We have found out very effective & simple method of its eradication.

In majority districts of different states arhar (Tur) growing Cajanous cajan is popular pulse throughout India. After harvesting of tur, the waste sticks (stems of tur) are used for making broom (Kharata) to sweep & clean byre and fore & backyard of the house in villages. Besides its important use can be done to eradicate hariali also.

In infested weed of hariali plot you have to spread tur stems evenly then irrigate this plot so that water runs & remains stable about 2II to 4II above the tur stems. This is to be irrigated fortnightly at least 4-6 times as high as 8 times taking in to consideration infestation of hariali. The irrigated water releases sour extract from the tur stems and attacks on the green weed of hariali and within 4 months hariali weed dies away. Thus the plot gets eradicated from hariali and plot is ready for taking next crop. This experiment has been found successful in various parts of Maharashtra. Now we invite you to carry out such trial in your area and communicate us its results so that it can be published in Krushi Vidyan magazine & can act as guideline for farmers all over India and other parts of the world.