How to control white grub (Humani) without inorganic pesticide.
A Biotechnological Method

You have to select the pit for FYM where hard murum and little high 5' above ground and away from babhul or neem tree. If there is such tree near the pit then the trouble of this pest is obviously more. During May, female insects come near male and after mating lays lot of eggs during May and the insect automatically multiplies in the manure pit. This FYM when spread in the field in creates lot of problem.

Now in the first instance to avoid falling of eggs & larve in the manure pit you have to have 250-500ml kerosene mixed with 2-3 litre water in ghamella. Then take about 15-20 inches long bamboo, tie at its tip cleaning cloth (Motorcycle or jeep cleaning cloth). Dip it in roasted oil from kitchen. You can pour this oil on such a cloth tied at the tip & ignite it. This ignited buring stick called 'Shekata' can be whirled around the tree branches so that white grub male & female insects fall down on the hip & around. Put on canvass hand gloves on both the palms of 15-20 years old boy and pick up larvae and put them in kerosene. So that within 5 to 10 minutes they die and so you get white grub free FYM.

Now suppose you have spread white grub mixed FYM in the field then you have to adopt simple method of its eradication. When the mannure is spread & mixed in the field then use ridger plough and make a ridge. Then in this ridge put powder of dried fish locally called 'zinga' which is available at approx Rs. 20/kg. The peculiar smell of this zinga tempts white grub larvae to eat and white grub larvae come up above the surface to eat this dry fish. When it comes up, the crow or pigeon picks up & engulfs larvae and thus you get rid of white grub. By adopting thimate (strong chemical insecticide) by spreading, the poisonous smell of the thimate reaches only 3 inches deep in the soil. While white grub larvae goes up to 5 inches deep in the earth and thus escapes from the adverse effect of thimate & proves useless. Therefore, our Biotechnological method of using zinga for eradication of white grub is found successful. You may try this & you can communicate your experience to us.