A simple Biotechnological Method for control of Lavala by Rajgira

Take 1 kg rajgira seeds treated with 25 ml Germinator (Rajgira is used during fast, ekadashi) seeds being smaller in size add about 20 kg of sand to it and broadcast this on Lavala infested field, irrigate it.

Rajgira plants germinates within 8-10 days Irrigate 3-4 times at 8-10 days interval.

When rajgira attains the height of 1 to 2' within 1 to 2 months. Each Lavala has got 7 rhizones (Nuts) Rajgira's top root attacks on each nut & nut dies away by mating chip & decomposes in the soil.

The leafy vegetable can fetch some good market value. Otherwise the same could be ploughed as organic matter.

You may conduct such an experiment & communicate your experiences to us.