Another Simple method to control Lavala (Cyperus rotundus)

We have already given a control measure of 'Rajgira' (used as food during fast) to eradicate the Cyperus Rontundus.

Now another simple method as package of practice is as follows: In ridges and furrows bed when you irrigate the crop infested with lavala immediately within first five minutes up to 14-18 hrs of watering with the thumb and next finger (fingure of Jupiter) hold the lavala weed at the bottom in mud running water and uproot it straight. (Don't tilt the weed) it breaks as usual. This experiment is successful in D & G type of soil (i.e., light to medium black soil). The waterman along with two female laborers can perform this simple experiment successfully and get rid of the lavala weed easily. The laborer should sit on the ridge horizontally so that they can uproot the weed in flowing water in the ridge and farrow & around. In general package of practice weeding is advised during 'wafsa' condition which does not serve the purpose for lavala eradication.

The experiments of such kind performed by development workers, researchers and farmers be communicated to us for inclusion in Krishi Vidnyan for the benefit of farmers. The appropriate technology development for rural transfer could find place for publicity in 'Krishi Vidnyana' Magazine.